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About Marital and Family Counseling

Marital and family counseling is a powerful form of counseling when the focus involves the dynamics of people related to each other.  It involves people with a relationship (a couple whether they are married or not, a whole family or even part of a family) client meeting with the counselor for a series of sessions.  There may be times when only one person out of the group meets with the counselor one-on-one.

The focus of the marital and family counseling sessions are addressing the issues that brought you to seek help in finding wholeness - the issues that brought you here in the first place.  These issues are ones that the couple or the family are facing or experiencing together.  The focus could be on the dynamics between the individuals or on how everyone is being affected by something going on with one individual.  You can also expect to address additional related issues that come up through these sessions.

Because there are more than one person involved, it will be important for everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in the sessions.  While individual sessions may seem more focused on one individual, the counselor will ensure that everyone is involved.  During the sessions, you will talk with your counselor about the issues, how you react and other related matters.  At times, you may feel that something is not related, but periodically these connections will become apparent.  You will also discuss, and periodically even try, techniques that will be helpful in addressing these situations.  You can also expect to have things to do or think about between sessions.

Marital and family counseling may be short or long term, depending on the complexity of the issues.  There are also types of counseling that may follow a regular pattern, such as premarital counseling.

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